Principal's Message

Welcome to Brookfield Middle School where we "Teach, Learn, Grow...Every Day"!

We are excited about a great start to the 2018-2019 school-year and look forward to serving the students, staff, and community.  

 At Brookfield Middle School we believe all children can learn and our teachers are dedicated to high levels of learning for everyone. Our approach is student-centered, data-driven, and seeks to preserve best instructional practices.  Brookfield Middle School teachers are dedicated to providing a quality education while also acknowledging and celebrating student success and individual differences.  The middle school years are uniquely important in a young person's development and we really enjoy working with our students during this critical time in their lives.  We strive to make personal connections with our students as we provide a fair, positive, safe, and disciplined environment where students gain confidence in preparation for High School. 

This year, the district has added over 550 Chromebook devices for student use.  Consequently, every student in the Middle School will have 1:1 access to technology throughout the day to extend their learning and mastery in multiple content areas.  Technology has also proven to more deeply engage students in their learning.  We are very fortunate that our students have been afforded this wonderful opportunity!

Education is the shared responsibility of the student, teacher, family, and community and we must all work together in preparing students to be productive and contributing members of society.  We encourage parents to stay involved in their children's education, knowing that parents are essential to the success of our school.

Thank you,
Melinda Wilbeck, Middle School Principal